Monday, 16 May 2011


I would like to talk about my first robot :)

Actually it is not a real robot :) it can be considered a delivery car controlled from the PC. This car can deliver papers or any lightweight materials from one place to another automatically without human help or interference. 

First you give it a map for the building or the flat you live in, this map has checkpoints for the rooms, kitchens and any other stop point you would like to have. The map can be generated using a simple interface to tell the car about places it can move through, and places it cannot.

After installing your map, you can order the car to deliver anything from its current place to a destination point, you make your orders using a keyboard matrix installed on the car where you can select the room number and simply press GO, after that, the car will move according to your map, going left and right, bypassing walls, making sound alerts if someone stopped in front of it, until it reaches its destination point at the requested room.

We have built this car from A to Z in about 10 days of hard work, Its cost is not huge, It is simple, but actually it costed us much money :) as we burned and destroyed hundreds of ICs :). Note that this was our first time to deal with a complex hardware and to implement electronic circuits by hand in a real project.

We used:

  • Two stepper motors (5V 1A each) to control the two front wheels, and two interfacing drivers one for each motor (M106)
  • A keyboard matrix, to input the commands and room numbers from the user
  • An infrared sensor
  • A parallel cable, to interface the devices with the PC (for sure it is not a good option but remember it is not an embedded project)
  • And of course there were some transistors, resistors, voltage regulators, capacitors and different sorts of ICs.

Don't laugh at its shape, I know it is like a duck :).

This is before the surgery finishes:

Its final shape:

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