Sunday, 7 February 2010

Database sharing using Assembly

This is also my first project using Assembly.

It is just a simple application on Serial Communication using Assembly in the Microprocessors course.

Assuming that there is a client PC and another PC that acts as a server. The server has the DBMS installed on it and has all the database needed. In order for the client to get some facts or make some queries on the database, he doesn't need to install the DBMS and take a backup from the database from the server and so.

So the client will make the queries that he want using this application which connects the client and server serially, the server executes the received query through the SQLCMD in a similar way to what is shown in the image:

and the client will get the query result as in the image below or he can receive it in any other way.

The server application is implemented as a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program.

Friday, 5 February 2010

My First Game

This is my first C++ 3D game ( Using DirectX 9 )

This game was my graphics course's project, i was in a team of 4 and we made this game in about 10 days as it was our first practice in using directX9 and game programming.

It's story is about a soldier that faces the attack from a lot of tanks and planes that fights that soldier.

Here are some screen shots of the game ....

Level 1

Level 2
Level 3

Level 4 (Night Vision Mode)

Schools Management System

This is the project of the database course in my college.

It was implemented using C#.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

It is a full and smart application for managing schools that saves the students, teachers and workers' personal info., attendance and some more details and relations; Also it keeps track of Student's grades, stages, years, classes, homework and manages these information and others in a smart way, and a lot of other features.

Here are some screen shots ....

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Drawing Window

This is my first C++ Application as a student.
It is for drawing geometrical shapes with full control on the drawn shapes like moving, re-sizing, coloring, saving the image to a file and some other features .

Monday, 25 January 2010

Hi All,

Welcome here in my blog.

I'm Ahmed Orabi, Computer Engineering student.

I made this blog to publish some of my works and projects that I've made and those that I'm working on.

Thanks for reading.